JekylI Island Directory
Located a mere six miles off the Georgia mainland Jekyll Island is an island that has withstood the test of tides and time and held on to a natural beauty that is quickly fading from other nearby islands that are under heavy pressure from development. Purchased by the State of Georgia in 1947, Jekyll Island has a history that dates back many centuries. From the hunting grounds of early American Indians, to wealthy French planters, Jekyll has seen her soil used for hunting, planting, recreation, isolation, relaxation, while at the same time, retaining a colorful history...some as dark as Shell Creek on a moonless night. Others a bright as the radiant ocean sunrise. A never ending history constantly rewritten with the ebb and flow of each and every tide.

JekyllIsland Activities
Jekyll Island has something for everyone. Whether young or old, rustic or ritzy, Jekyll Island offers an array of accomodations and activities. Stay in luxury or camp out under the stars.

Jekyll Island Events
Jekyll Island spring and Summer 2011 calendar of events coming soon.

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